Peer examples of the FAKEBOOK project  

If you go to my LINKS, you can see a few examples of completed work by your classmates.

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Dia de la mujer- PROJECT  

You will choose a hispanic/latina to research. With your new learning, create a FAKEBOOK page for her. Include Information in 3 of the blocks on the left side of FAKEBOOK, profile and cover image, profile info (dob, family, etc) and AT LEAST 5 posts. You will need to have 5 posts before you can save your work and receive a locator address. I have uploaded the rubric and a reference page for you, in case something happens to the hard copy handed out in class on 3/10. You will need to create 5 timeline posts before your can save your work, and you will need to record the URL to be able to get back to your work in progress. You will also share that URL with me by email when you are done. 

We have computers (205 lab) on 3/10, 3/14, and 3/15. After that, it is your responsibility to finish this on your won time. The finished project is due NO LATER than 3/17. Please share by email the link to your work. 

Here is an example that I've started: 

Your requirements and rubric:

“Fakebook” project: HIstoria de la mujer

Fakebook is a free application available for classroom use at

Use it to create a fake social profile for a fictional or historical character, or even a concept/object!







The Fakebook includes completed ‘blocks’ on the left-hand side (e.g. “friends”, “hobbies”, “family”). Award 1 mark for each complete block, up to a maximum of 3.


Cover Image

The Fakebook includes a cover image at the top of the screen behind the main profile image. Award 2 marks only if it has an obvious connection to the character.


Profile Information

The Fakebook includes profile information (birthday, family members, place of birth, job, interests…)



The Fakebook “Wall” includes a series of 5 (dated WITHIN THE SUBJECT’S LIFETIME) posts which outline the key events taking place in the character’s life and career



Other historically accurate characters comment on these posts offering their opinions on the events, achievements and failures being described


Video- BONUS

The Fakebook embeds at least one YouTube video that is relevant to the story, with a “Wall Post” from the character explaining why it’s included.


Overall Judgement

Three further marks are available for the general impression created by the Fakebook – does it sound realistic / written clearly and so on?




SUGGESTED RESOURCES,28757,2008201,00.html

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Pilsen project 1/24-1/26  

We are in the 701 computer lab Tues thru Thurs to work on research for your Pilsen trip itinerary. Pilse is a Hispanic neighorhood in Chicago that we have visited in Google Earth before.  Remember that you have three choices: a general interest trip; an art-focused trip; a food-focused trip. Access the handout below for clickable links.


Pilsen Neighborhood, Chicago Illinois Virtual Trip


1.       You are going to plan a trip to Pilsen Chicago Neighborhood, which enjoys a heavy Hispanic Influence. You can choose your focus:

A.      General trip lasting 3 days

B.      Focus on Art/Murals/Museums in area lasting three days

C.      Focus on Food/Restaurants/culinary interest lasting three days.

Explore these websites to gather your information:

1.       Your project can be any format (powerpoint, prezi , google slides, etc).

2.       You must discuss two places per day that you visit. Include name and location of place, why you chose to visit it, cost for entrance/meal etc. and one picture for each place.

3.       You must include a hotel you choose to stay at and how many nights you choose and rate.

4.       You must estimate cost of travel to Chicago. You may choose by bus, car, or plane. Include source for your information and a total price for your travel expenses.

5.       You must estimate daily spending money. Briefly explain why how you came up with your estimate and what you plan to buy with this money (souvenirs, etc).

6.       You must total all your expenses and give a total trip cost for three days for one person.

Three or more places were included in trip description per day (total 9)    25 pts

Almost enough places were included in trip description per day ( 6-8)    20 pts

Less than minimum places per day were included in trip descriptions  (5 or less) 15 pts

Descriptions of locations had all information provided in a clear format:

1.       Place and location

2.       Why you chose to visit

3.       Cost for entrance

4.       Photo of location  (20 pts)

Descriptions of locations were provided but missed one of the 4 descriptors. At least three were present for all locations.



(15 pts)

Descriptions were vague or missing and 2 or more of the descriptors were not utilized on all locations.




Travel expense information was included in detail and estimate is authentic and realistic for travel; Evidence of adequate research of travel expense is evidence.  (25 pts)

Travel expense information was included but not detailed or estimate is not authentic/reasonable for travel. Questionable evidence of adequate research is evident.


(15 pts)

Travel expense information was not included or not authentic/reasonable for the travel description. No evidence of research is evident.  (10pts)

Description and location of hotel is included with adequate information for cost. Evidence of research is present. (25 pts)

Description of Hotel is included but cost is not present.


No evidence of hotel is included in project and no research took place.   (10 pts. )


Total points ____________________________________

+ 5 points for creativity/pretty presentation of information

Total score______________________________________. 

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Laptop assignment 12/5/16  

After you have gathered information for your healthy foods and activities poster: 

Read the following article and write a short summary (1 paragraph) and an argument for one side (1 paragraph). Submit by email. When finished, go to edpuzzle, then Mango.




Your school email is accessible through gmail. The username and password should match your computer login and password. The email address is your

On taking notes: digital, or by hand?  

Here's an interesting article with podcast about notetaking:  

Something to think about next time a teacher or professor tells you to write something down... 


Completely anonymous, no login required. ***KEEP IT SCHOOL-APPROPRIATE***

Not sure of the name of your preferred foods? Look them up at   OR 

Compare/contrast assignment 10/26/16, due 11/1/1  

In paragraph form, using complete sentences (grammar, spelling, punctuation) and any appropriate or relevant Spanish vocabulary, compare and contrast the traditions associated with Halloween and Dia de los Muertos. How are they the same? How are they different? What are the purposes of the activities people organize?

You should be able to discuss this thoroughly, with specific examples, in no less than 3 paragraphs.

Please be ready to turn this in next Tuesday, either in hard copy or through Google Drive.

Announcement Image for Compare/contrast assignment 10/26/16, due 11/1/1

Coming up  

Be sure to go into edpuzzle and begin working on some of the assignments. There are some coming up for end of October and early November. Some of them are just viewing to discuss later in class, and others have questions attached. Duolingo will be good practice for everyone to use outside of class. And of course, quizlet will help you build vocabulary. 

If your webquest isn't finished, please take care of it. I need to see your work on #1-15 and give you time for corrections before we go on with it. Any late work should be taken care of as well. If you still need to retake the test (3A) please let me know so we can arrange it. 

We'll be comparing holiday traditions in Latin America and the US next week including Día de los Muertos, and we'll dive into chocolate's history the following week.

ONline account codes  

Create accounts on: 2H4WCMwJD  (join class- search for Spanish 2 Jackson) XFZBMY  (set progress sahring) vorewom  (join class) 

And link to my class account in each. There are apps for these

and you can practice on your own or during down time in class.

Nervous about class presentations and speeches? Talk to a dog. Really.  

A business school has anxious students practice their presentations with dogs. 

Webquest- computer lab tomorrow  

We have the computer lab in 205 reserved on Wednesday, Oct 19. Please come in prepared to finish working on the webquest that we started before the break. Since there are only 18 computers in the room, you will the option to partner with someone and share ocmputers, or to use your personal devices to get the work done. Some of the linked sites include video and/or sound, so be prepared with earbuds or headphones to plug in. See you in 205!

Grades updated  

Everyone, please check grades and make sure you take care of any work flagged missing or late. I will be continuing to record grades this week for the Maiz reading, Sobremesa, and the Zocalo virtual tour. If you did not get your grocery store ad turned in, please take care of it ASAP. It is late. 

Updated Table of Contents   

Check the File Manager for the latest and greated Contenidos, pp 1-31!

Added links for study resources and cultural connections  

There are two categeoris of links so far: Resources to help you study and practice, and Arte y Cultura to enhance your understanding of some of the cultural lessons.

No cell phone use in class  

Make sure all phones and electronics are properly stored or checked in. Failure to respect our learning time will result in disciplinary action.