Work session Nov 17  

Before anything else, complete the following in Quizizz: 

536569   and   100000  GIVE FIRST AND LAST NAME

Only complete these once.       ***I am not reopening old quizzes today.

Please GO TO EDPUZZLE and make sure you complete pending assignments. Remember to watch all the way to the end of each, and answer the questions. If you still have not set this up, we will have to take care of that one day after school (after the break), because this should have be done weeks ago. If you have not done the first 2 asignments, you will have to arange to do those after school. They are currently archived and unavailable to you.

After you have completed your work in EdPuzzle, you will begin researching to prepare a lesson you will teach about some cultural tradition in the Spanish speaking world. Refer to the handout, and remember the handout is also in the file manager, in Handouts, called Culture Lesson. 

Be sure to sign up for the date that you will present your lesson at Also fill in which country and custom you are teaching. On the day you have chosen, be sure you are prepared. If you want coppies of handouts for the class, I need them 24 hours ahead of time. You also have access to the activeboard. Be sure to use first and last name, and enter your email address. (that you actually USE) That way, you will receive a reminder emall 2 days ahead of time. Finished?

Work independently in mango/doulingo/quizlet.


Any students resubmitting the poster project will need to submit electronically, after Thanksgiving break, and no later than December 8. this includes resubmissions due to plagiarism as well as resubmissions for improved grade.

Please refer to the RUBRIC in the File Manager. If your second grade is lower than the first, you will be stuck with that. 

Computer Lab Friday 11/17  

We have lab 703 this Friday. You will have a quiz, an edpuzzle assignment, and you will work independently in Mango/Duolingo/Quizlet.

Late work  

Anything you have not turned in will not be part of the grades that post this week. anything you don't turn in by Friday, we'll need to sit down after school in December so you can get it done. Please don't leave this until January. 

Instructions for the ropa and cuerpo from today (11/13)  

Remember, you need to write 10 phrases on the back of your puzzle page. If you don't rmeember the structure, check the file Manager under Other Instructions and Documents.


Four (4) days of class time over two weeks have been allotted for you to have access to technology to work on your poster project. If you waited until the last minute and technology got in the way, it's unfortunate, but it is also the reason I set aside so much time. I worked very hard to ensure that everyone could have an opportunity to work productively and utilize technology. 

This was assigned on  10/17, with a due date of 11/1. I expect everyone to turn in a completed poster. Choices to do otherwise carry unpleasant consequesnces. 

Office 365 available for free to students  

You will need to give youre BCSS email address for this, but you will have free access to MS Office: 

31 octubre 2017  

We are in lab 703 today.

You need to make sure you are done with everything you need for your project. The finished poster is due tomorrow, in whatever format you have chosen. This is the LAST day to work on it in class.

I am bringing a sheet around for you to write down two things: What country, and whether you are presenting. EVERYONE WILL FILL IT IN.

Use code 633046 at


Go to  and work through the following sections of the interactive:  Customs and Beliefs, The Ofrenda, Symbolism, Build Your Own Altar. You will need to activate Flash to continue.  Here is another site where you can build your own ofrenda:

When your ofrenda/altar is complete, take a screenshot and email it to me at Do this before Friday.


Go to EdPUzzle and make sure you have set up your account AND joined with the code for your class (See below for codes). Complete the Yoda assignment and the Dia de los Muertos assignment (there are questions). Be sure to watch till the end, or it doesn't register as complete. If you still don't get these done in class, you are on your own to do it outside of class. 

EdPuzzle codes:

4th:  zeehkov

5th: padured

6th: amiusiv

7th: toebauk


Announcement Image for 31 octubre 2017

Quizizz code 10/25/17

Good today only: 185295


La mochila  

A visual aid for La mochila...see file manager

Poster project  

If anything happened to your handout that you received today (10/17/17), you can download it from my File Manager. Look under Handouts and choose the file called spanishspeakingcountryposter.doc


I have porbably run out of copies, so check the File Manager for the items you need. I'll do my best to keep this up to date. Of course, you can always avoid this problem entirely. 

Materials in the File Manager  

I have uploaded the webquest for Hispanic Heritage Month, along with the sparkenthusiasm PDF file for question #2, since there were sporadic issues with accessing it. These are under WEBQUESTS

I've also upleaded the Calendario Azteca project, which is due on Oct 4. It is under HANDOUNTS.