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Friday, Dec. 2 was the LAST day we will work on the Capstone project in class first semester. Students were given the entire week of Nov. 28-Dec. 2 to work on the capstone in class. All unfinished work on the Capstone for the remainder of first semester will have to be completed during the student's own time.


Students should have already submitted the following:

Parent Notification and plagiarism forms (signed by both student and parent; p. 4-5)

Career interest surveys (p. 6-7)

Project proposal brainstorm page (p. 8)

Proclamation poster, p. 12 (presented in class on Nov. 9)

Capstone proposal cover letter, p. 9 (typed)

Mentor Agreement form (p. 14)

Mentor interview (p. 19-20)

1st reflection entry of time spent with mentor (p. 15)

Annotated Bibliography of at least 3 reliable/scholarly sources (typed)

Works Cited page (typed): must include at least 4 sources, 1 of which is the student's mentor

Research paper outline (typed)


In an effort to help students access the forms needed for the Capstone project, I have added the Capstone packet that was given to students in October on this webpage. Click under the FORMS tab to download the packet. Also, on the FORMS page, students will find all the handouts given in class to assist with researching and typing. All work must be in MLA format. Students should use the Purdue OWL website for help with MLA formatting.


Purdue Owl:


Students were instructed to use Galileo and/or Google Scholar to find academic articles on their topics.


The password for Galileo is concave.

Google Scholar:


All first semester work is due no later than DECEMBER 16, 2016. NO EXCEPTIONS CAN BE MADE.


Please email me directly if you have any questions concerning this project.


Thank you,

Mrs. Kelly White