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Homeade Alcohol Free Sangria Recipe  

4 cups cranberry-grape juice

1 cup orange juce

1/4 cup fresh lemon juice

1 pear, diced

1 apple, diced

3 cups carbonated lemon-lime beverage

1 orange, sliced


In a large pitcher, combine cranberry-grape juice, orange juice, fresh lemon juice, diced pear, and diced apple. 

2 Refigerate for at least 2 hours. 

3. Just before servingm, stirin the lemon-lime soda and some ice, and add the fresh orange slices. 

Mexican Independence Day   

Each year we celebrate Mexican Independence day by learning about the holiday, learning popular songs related to celebration, and sampling homeade, alcohol free sangria. I personally mix the punch in a bowl guaranteeing its ingredients are fresh, and school age appropriate. Students love trying something new that perhaps they have never had the opportunity to try. As you can imagine, serving 160 students with this great learning opportunity is no small task, and requires funding that the school just cannot provide. We usually solicit donations from students by passing around a supply list and having students volunteer to bring in the necessities. This simulated cultural celebration requires fruit, juices, carbonated drinks, napkins, and cups. Please listen out for requests for these items soon! Your kids love love love these days as they are fun, provide a break from the routine, and are the types of lesson plans that make for wonderful lasting memories of their high school days in Spanish class! 

Important Calendar Dates for Unit II: Chapter 3B   

September 18 : begin unit

October 9-15 Fall Break

October 16: Day of the Dead Opt out Letter Due 

October 23: Unit Test

October 24: Performance Based Assessment and Self Assessment 

October 25: All homework assignments due 

October 25: Merengue Dancing Lesson

October 26: No school Parent Conferences

October 28 : Field trip (Saturday) to Mercado del Pueblo

October 30-31 Day of the Dead Celebration 

Important Calendar Dates for Unit I: Chapter 3A   

August 11: Notebook must be set up and ready to be used; students must be signed up for Remind 101 and google classroom, and have SeeSaw downloaded and ready to use 

August 18: 3A Homework Reading I due to be submitted in Google Classroom

August 24: Money and Permission Slip for Folkloric Ballet Fieldtrip on September 14 Due 

August 25: Peru Homework Country Project Due 

September 4 and 5: School Holidays

September 12: 3A Performance Based Assessment in Class

                         3A Notebook Check

                         3A Reading Homework 2 submitted in Google Classroom


                         3A Unit Test in Class


September 14: Folkloric Ballet Field trip and Lunch 


September 15: Classroom food celebration of Mexican Independence day 


Remind 101 Codes   

To receive class messages and announcements on your phone, follow the directions below:

For Spanish Level II Honors first period: open your browser and go to OR text @f3a2a2 to the number 81010

For Spanish Level II third period : open your browser and go to OR text @2eac4e to the number 81010

For Spanish Level II fourth period: open your browser and go to OR text @3eabea to the number 81010

For Spanish Level II fifth period: open your browser and go to OR text @7bf649 to the number 81010

For Spanish Level II sixth period: open your browser and go to OR text @ffe4cc to the number 81010

For Spanish Level II seventh period: open your browser and go to OR  text @9k4gfa to the number 81010


For Advisory Class: open your browser and go to OR text @8e87bb to the number 81010

Announcement Image for Remind 101 Codes

Homework Policy : Real World Homework   

Homework in Spanish class will probably be different than your other classes. We will use homework to meet our standard of :

Georgia Performance Standard for Foreign Language Level I and II:

MLI.CCC1 The student uses information acquired in the study of the target language and information acquired in other subject areas to reinforce one another;

MLI.CU1  The student develops an awareness of perspectives, practices, and products of the cultures where the language is spoken. 

Homework is NOT to be done in class. These are assignments you will be expected to complete on your own outside of class.

By exploring the Spanish language outside of the classroom and in the "Real World",  you will get to experience Spanish live and "in action", used everyday by real people in real situations out in the community. I hope that you will find these assignments interesting, fun, and relevant. 

If you lose your homework sheet, you may print off another one from this website. I will not provide duplicate homework sheets. 

In this class you WILL have homework assignments for each unit. However, you will be given a wide variety of choices and may choose the types of assignments you would like to complete. You will have the entire length of the unit to do the homework at your leisure. At the conclusion of the unit, you will receive a homework grade along with your unit Test grade. If, at the end of the unit, you have failed to complete the required number of homework opportunities, your homework grade will reflect this deficit. 

Announcement Image for Homework Policy : Real World Homework