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2018 Summer trip to Costa Rica   

Please contact me at for more information on our summer trip to Costa Rica.

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Remind 101 Codes   

To receive class messages and announcements on your phone, follow the directions below:

For Spanish Level I: open your browser and go to OR text @cd67b to the number 81010

For Spanish Level II: open your browser and go to OR text @e073e to the number 81010

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Foreign Language Student Trip to Montreal and Quebec Canada  

After a successful inaugural trip to Spain and France this summer, our department is pleased to offer your student another exciting opportunity to travel the world and experience the culture we have talked about in class. This year our focus is on the Francophone world, and we will be traveling to Montreal and Quebec Canada! 


How is this applicable to Spanish? Both French and Spanish are Romance languages, and quite similar in their arrangement and word meanings. The cultures also share many of the same elements. This year our departement chose to focus on Canada, rotating years with Spanish speaking countries. 


Tentative Travel Dates: June 5-11, 2017

Parent meeting August 24 at 6pm in Commons Area


For questions, please contact myself, or Ms. Busey :   OR

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Homework Policy : Real World Homework   

Homework in Spanish class will probably be different than your other classes. We will use homework to meet our standard of :

Georgia Performance Standard for Foreign Language Level I and II:

MLI.CCC1 The student uses information acquired in the study of the target language and information acquired in other subject areas to reinforce one another;

MLI.CU1  The student develops an awareness of perspectives, practices, and products of the cultures where the language is spoken. 

Homework is NOT to be done in class. These are assignments you will be expected to complete on your own outside of class.

By exploring the Spanish language outside of the classroom and in the "Real World",  you will get to experience Spanish live and "in action", used everyday by real people in real situations out in the community. I hope that you will find these assignments interesting, fun, and relevant. 

If you lose your homework sheet, you may print off another one from this website. I will not provide duplicate homework sheets. 

In this class you WILL have homework assignments for each unit. However, you will be given a wide variety of choices and may choose the types of assignments you would like to complete. You will have the entire length of the unit to do the homework at your leisure. At the conclusion of the unit, you will receive a homework grade along with your unit Test grade. If, at the end of the unit, you have failed to complete the required number of homework opportunities, your homework grade will reflect this deficit. 

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