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Virgil Amey Staff Photo

High School: Booker T. Washington 1987

Bachelor: North Georgia College  1992

Masters: Walden University 2008




Once upon a time not long ago -Coach Amey joined the educational show.

  • Gainesville Middle School Boys Basketball
  • Henderson JV Girls Basketball
  • Druid Hills Varsity Girls Basketball
  • Gainesville Varsity Boys Basketball
  • Booker T. Washington Varsity Boys Basketball
  • Douglas Co Varsity Boys
  • Cooper Middle School Lead Intramural
  • Elite Scholars Athletic Director
  • Atlanta Hawks Basketball Development
  • Athletes In Action Basketball Coach Philippines
  • Jr. N.B.A in Mumbai, India
  • Charles Drew Varsity Girls Basketball
  • Duluth High School Varsity Boys Basketball
  • Jackson Varsity Boys Basketball (AAA State Playoffs) since 2000 season


6 C's To Build Success

  • Connect with your people
  • Convince them of their greatness
  • Commitment to the process
  • Challenge each other daily
  • Cover each other with prayer and love

 As a new teacher/basketball coach to JHS, I am excited about the opportunity build and sustain excellence on and off the court of play.

 My Favorites

Food: Mexican 

Actor: Denzel Washington

Athlete: Michael Jordan

Sport: Golf

Music: Jazz

Book: The Game of Life