LaDonna Withrow Staff Photo

Welcome to my Teacher Page!

I LOVE teaching AG because it provides you with an opportunity to work with students for up to 3 years of their high school adventure. It is my goal to increase the number of students who chose to participate in 4 years of the AG program. I really enjoy working with students to prepare them for life after high school and exposing them to a program that will help them to build character, develop leadership skills, and promote a positive influence of career opportunities.


I currently have a Bachelors of Science in Agriculture Education with concentrations in Horticulture and Plant Science. I am currently working on my Masters of Science in Middle Grades Education with a concentration of Science and Social Studies. I am certified to teach Agriculture 6-12.


Future of Agriculture & My Perspectives:


     Agriculture is the one thing we can't live without--we all have to eat!! We get many other things from agriculture, but food is probably the most important and the one we think about the most often.  Without agriculture we would starve.   The United State of American is a self-sufficient nation when it comes to food production.  Except for things that don't grow very well in America due to climate--you are probably eating an American grown product every time you eat.  This is important for our economy--especially in today's times.  American's spend only about 10% of their annual income on food, much less than any other country--we have the American Farmer to thank for this. I will strive to focus on the benefits and importance of agriculture on a community, national, and global level.